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What can you do with itsaudience?

Track your content

Where, when and by whom are your videos, blog posts, articles, events or products being shared, liked, commented, mentioned, reviewed or cited? What sentiment are they generating all across the Web, in social networks, blogs and news? Wouldn’t it be nice to gather all this data in one single view?

Build your audience

Who have you reached? Who have you missed? Who are your new supporters? Who should you connect with? ItsAudience sorts and highlights the many opportunities you would have otherwise missed.

Capture valuable data

The second level of analytics is to save, as you go, strategic data that will help you reach more people next time you share content online. ItsAudience allows you to manage and re-use your social assets.

Share your impact

Social analytics have become a standard to demonstrate the reception and impact of videos, events, conferences, policies, products and more. ItsAudience allows you to share, export or embed the best of realtime reporting.